Firewood Basket ALL DOUBLE white

Firewood Basket ALL DOUBLE white

Sheet metal basket with a divider to store fireplace tools or kindling wood. ORDERED ON REQUEST

288 €

Producer: ALL DOUBLE s.r.o.

You enjoy a cozy evening at your fireplace and the crackling sounds of fire inside but not all your logs of wood are neat, beautiful and suitable for display?
You love the smell of wood but you don't want the chips of wood and the dust that come from your racked wood to be scattered all over your room?
You want to keep your floor ash- and dust-free at all times, even when you have to use your fireplace tools?
You like to keep your wood chips and kindling wood ready at your fingertips?
You like products from sheet metal but at the same time you are afraid of sharp edges due to the possible risk of injury?
In that case, you might be interested in the firewood basket from our ALL DOUBLE series.

This basket made of steel is equipped with a divider to store firewood tools or very small firewood and kindling wood. All edges are slightly rounded in a way that the requirements for a clean design are met while the risks of injury to children and all other people is eliminated.
Due to its wight, this basket is not suitable for a more frequent transportation of firewood. Therefore, we recommend the firewood carrier from the same series as an add-on.

Weight of the firewood basket: 12,5 kg, powder-coated, dimensions l x w x h  40 x 40 x 45 cm.

Made in the Czech Republic.

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