Sheet metal table

You like furniture that has more than one use?
You are fond of practical and compact storage options?
You are big on mobile storage units?
At the end of each winter, you wonder where to store your firewood basket?
In that case, you might be interested in the sheet metal table from our ALL DOUBLE series.
The sheet metal table is actually based on our firewood basket and was developed as a summertime alternative since firewood does not have to be stored next to your fireplace in the warm season. However, the table can serve its purpose all year long and the storage can be used to stow away magazines, throws and other small items. It provides sufficient stability without taking away from its mobility. The tabletop is made from oil-finished solid oak. You can also choose an oak tabletop without surface treatment to which you can apply a wood stain of your choice that will beautifully match your interior.




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