Warranty Terms

Complaints are processed in accordance with the legal regulations. All goods are under warranty according to the Warranty Terms and the warranty periods specified in the warranty certificate of each product. The minimum warranty period is 24 months. The warranty periods begins on the day of acceptance of the deliverables.

Complaints procedure:
• Please inform us on any complaints regarding goods via email on: info@alldouble.cz
• The letter of complaint regarding any goods must contain a description of the defect, the order number, the name of the purchaser, the return address and phone number and a copy of the invoice. Please fill in the "CUSTOMER COMPLAINT ON PURCHASED GOODS" form
• Please return the goods by registered mail to the following address: ALL DOUBLE s.r.o., Jinačovice 222/18, 602 00 Brno along with the "CUSTOMER COMPLAINT ON PURCHASED GOODS" form and a copy of the invoice.
• Please send the product for which the complaint is issued in a clean and mechanically undamaged condition and in a packaging that provides protection against damage.

Important note: Please be informed that in no case may consignments be sent cash on delivery or poste restante. Any consignment sent this way will be returned to the sender.

Complaints will be handled within 30 working days following the receipt of the consignment. The Vendor shall inform the Buyer on the receipt of the goods by the complaints department as well as on the handling period via email. In case of justified complaints, the goods will be repaired or replaced and subsequently dispatched at the expense of the Vendor. If a repair or replacement is not possible, the purchase price will be reimbursed. The Vendor shall inform the Buyer via email on how the complaint will be processed.
For more information, please contact the Vendor via email on: info@alldouble.cz or via phone on +420 723 625 855.

The claim for warranty may expire if:
• the product has been damaged during transport (obvious damage to the goods must be notified to the carrier immediately. The Buyer is not obliged to accept goods from the carrier in such condition and must notify the Vendor on any damage found immediately – phone: +420 723 625 855, email: info@alldouble.cz).
• the product has been damaged due to unprofessional installation or handling and operation contrary to the user manual.
• the product has been used in conditions which do not comply with the parameters and requirements specified in the user manual.
• the product was damaged by the forces of nature.
• The product was damaged as a result of undue stresses or usage contrary to the conditions specified in the user manual.


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