Outdoor fire pit

You enjoy having a good time by a crackling fire, roasting sausages and friendly gatherings?
The clean operation of a fire pit and the mobility of steel pits is important to you?
You would like to leave your fire pit outside permanently? You don't want to go through the hassle of stowing it away after each use but at the same time you don't want to have a pit that has openings to drain rain water and you want to be sure that no ash can spread over your lawn or your terrace?
You like to sit close to a fire and feel its warmth but you want to feel protected against the small glowing pieces of wood and sparks that shooting into the air and that may fall on your terrace or your clothing?
You want to enjoy an open fire even if your property is located in a windy area? You would like your fire to be protected even in windy weather conditions without small glowing wood pieces being and ash being fired in the air and spreading all over your and your neighbor's lawn?
You like modern products made of steel which do not lose any of their beauty all too easily and which are, of course, not only fire- but also weather-resistant?
In that case you might be interested in our ALL DOUBLE outdoor fire pit.



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