Wooden tabletop for the ALL DOUBLE firewood basket - oak-veneered plywood

Wooden tabletop for the ALL DOUBLE firewood basket - oak-veneered plywood

A wooden tabletop made of oak-veneered plywood which will convert your firewood basket into a table with an internal storage compartment. Alternative to the tabletop made of solid oak. ORDERED ON REQUEST

Producer: ALL DOUBLE s.r.o.

Every time the winter is over, you wonder where to stow your firewood basket?
In that case you might be interested in this wooden tabletop which will convert your ALL DOUBLE firewood basket into a sheet metal table.
This way, you can make use of your firewood basket in the summer as well, even if there is no need to store firewood next to your fireplace. The table can fulfill its function all year long and the internal storage can be used to stow away magazines, throws and other small items. It provides sufficient stability without taking away from its mobility. As a lighter alternative to the tabletop made of solid oak, this tabletop is made of oil-finished oak-veneered plywood.
Weight of the tabletop 1.8 kg, tabletop made of oak-veneered plywood, oil-finished, dimensions l x w 40 x 40 cm, thickness of the tabletop 2 cm.
Made in the Czech Republic.

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