Ignis outdoor fire pit

Ignis outdoor fire pit

Outdoor cast iron fire pit which can optionally be used as a grill. IN STOCK AT SUPPLIER

Producer: Morso

You enjoy having a good time by a crackling fire, roasting sausages, friendly gatherings but you do not want to sacrifice a piece of your lawn?
You like bonfires but your garden or terrace won't allow you make an open campfire?
You find the option to move your fire pit to a different spot every time appealing or you don't want to store it outside?
You would like to be able to choose between roasting sausages or grilling while being able to use any kind of firewood?
You like durable and robust products which do not lose any of their beauty all too easily and which are, of course, not only fire- but also weather-resistant?
In that case, you might be interested in the Ignis outdoor fire pit by Morso.

The outdoor fire pit is made of durable and robust enameled cast iron. Its three-legged construction keeps the contact area with the ground at a minimum. The bottom grate of the fire pit ensures that the fire does not sit on the bottom of the bowl directly. A good air circulation throughout the fire pit is thus guaranteed. If you would like to us the fire pit for grilling, you can purchase a grill grate made of polished stainless steel which will perfectly fit into the three slots in the top section of the fire pit.

Weight of the fire pit: 21.7 kg, enameled cast iron, black, dimensions: diameter 45 cm, height 32 cm.


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